2017 is a milestone for the European Film Festival. We’re celebrating ten years of entertaining, challenging and informing people. We value how the festival has promoted and sustained relationships and used the medium of film to break stereotypes and transcend borders.

Since its first edition, the festivals ethos has remained the same: to shine a spotlight in Sri Lanka on Europe and the rich diversity of its history, present and future through mediations and stories about its people. We aim to nurture conversations about our differing and shared experiences and offer an opportunity to the audiences to imagine and reimagine the world.

Cultural diplomacy is a key part of EU foreign policy, and the European Film Festival is a key element of our cultural exchanges here in Sri Lanka. I thank Agenda 14 for serving as the facilitator for the tenth consecutive year–your hard work in pulling together this celebration is deeply appreciated.

I wish you a most stimulating, enriching and entertaining film experience!

Tung-Lai Margue