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Sam was born in the Netherlands as the son of a Moroccan father and Dutch mother. After his father abandoned him and his mother, he throws himself fully to his career as a police officer. He is driven by the ambition to really mean something for society. To make a difference on the streets, but also in how people think about Moroccans. His desire for acceptance by his peers and superiors at the Amsterdam police drives him to search the boundaries within the law. If he is asked to infiltrate in a Moroccan drug family, he sees it as a chance to show his qualities. When he becomes part of the family a long-suppressed feeling comes up: finally it feels like he has a home. The Moroccan family is less criminal than he thought, and his relationship with two of the members is getting stronger. Eventually Sam comes to stand for a moral conflict: he must choose between his career as a police officer and the family.


Title In English : NETHERLANDS
Director : Shariff Korver
Staring :
Producer : Eva Eisenloeffel, Leontine Petit
Screen Writer : Shariff Korver, Rogier de Blok
Year : 2014
Running Time : 86' min
Awards :
Ratings :
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