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This movie is neither a memorial to Rytmus (Slovak rapper) nor a flashback over his musical career. Viewers are introduced to complicated relations within the family – diff erent surnames, members using the prefixes step-, half-, biological or foster. A family that has been facing racism for 38 years while searching for love in its core. Aft er eight years passed in making this documentary, the “Gypsy” raised by “Whites” became a self-made icon among youth and a music celebrity. Despite all that, he has not yet fulfilled his dream – the dream of understanding his own roots, accepting his father and conciliating with his closest relatives.


Title In English : SLOVAKIA
Director : Miro Drobny
Staring :
Producer : Miro Drobný
Screen Writer :
Year : 2015
Running Time : 80 min
Awards :
Ratings :
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