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Before Dawn Stefan Zweig : Farewell to Europe

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The film charts the years of exile in the life of the famous Jewish Austrian writer Stefan Zweig, his inner struggle for the "right attitude" toward the events in the war torn Europe, and his search for a new home.


Title In English : Before Dawn Stefan Zweig : Farewell to Europe
Director : Maria Schrader
Staring : Josef Hader, Barbara Sukowa, Aenne Schwarz, Matthias Brandt, Charly Hübner, Harvey Friedman
Producer : Stefan Arndt
Screen Writer : Maria Schrader, Jan Schomburg
Year : 2015 - 2016
Running Time : 106' min
Awards : Awards: Austrian Film Award 2017 for Best Make Up; Bavarian Film Awards 2017 for Best Direction; German Film Critics Association Awards 2016 for Best Actor, Best Cinematography Nominated: 7 Nominations including Locarno Film Festival 2016; German Film Awards 2016 for Best Direction and Best Supporting Actress; German Film Critics Award for Best Film and Best Actress
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