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Dinel, Sile and Pompiliu are three friends. Dinel is stymied by troubles; hearing his woes, the three friends decide to try their luck in the lotteries. They win the lottery and the money is stolen from Dinel by two thugs. Pompiliu is a conspiracy theorist, who believes this as a secret service operation. Dinel who has got his palm read believes his wife is in a dire situation and requires his help and for that he needs the money. They together start searching for the stolen goldenticket.


Title In English : Two Lottery Tickets
Director : Paul Negoesu
Staring : MirceaBanu, Dorian Boguta, DragosBucur
Producer : DragoșBucur, AlexandruPapadopol, Dorian Boguță
Screen Writer : Ion Luca Caragiale, Paul Negoescu
Year : 2016
Running Time : 86' min
Awards : Awards:Monte Carlo Comedy Film Festival 2017, Zurich Film Festival 2016, Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, US, Gopo Awards Romania 2017 Nominations: 6 nominations including Beijing International Film Festival 2017, São Paulo International Film Festival 2016.
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